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The Ballens / Meet the Team

Lori Ballen is a firm believer in creating dynamic teams in which each valued member specializes in their “one thing”. Each member of the Ballen Brands team has been carefully and thoughtfully selected for their specific talents and expert skills. Ballen Brands also celebrates the unique, bright and shining personalities of each person in our organization. As a team, Ballen Brands follows a work-hard, play-hard motto, creating a blend of professional and personal attributes.

lori-ballenLori Ballen

CEO | Digital Marketing Strategist Specializing in Search and Social

Lori Ballen has spent years building successful businesses in a variety of fields. Her true passion is in lead generation, online marketing, product development, team-building, and teaching. As a teen-ager, Lori picked up the skill of ASL sign language, with which she became certified as an ASL sign language interpreter before becoming a guru with business ownership. When not working, Lori can be found with playing with her cherished family, shopping, at the beach whale-watching, or at her favorite “happy place”, Disneyland.

jeff-helvinJeff Helvin

COO | Operations Manager & Client Services


Jeff has a history in business development, team management, and making the impossible possible. When not holding down the fort at Ballen Brands, Jeff can be found loving his wife and three daughters through a variety of fun adventures, photographing breathtaking scenery, and coin collecting.

sabrina-wekerleSabrina Wekerle

Executive Admin (EA) | Ballen Method Lead Trainer


Sabrina forged her successful path in life with an extensive knowledge of the technical treasures on which society has come to depend. She came to Ballen Brands off the cusp of working with one of the world’s most recognized brands for computer development. Within Ballen Brands, Sabrina works one-on-one with clients offering tech training, is a master of The Ballen Method, and has become known as “The campaign whisperer”. When not working, Sabrina can be found enjoying movie marathons and frequent snacks of Reese’s and milk.

tyler-frenchTyler French

ISA | Business Development Manager


Tyler comes to Ballen Brands with a history of working with a mutual fund company in Denver, Colorado. Tyler moved from Colorado to New Jersey where he obtained his M.A. at Seton Hall in New Jersey. From there, he accepted a position in the sales department of his father’s home-building company in New Mexico. From there, Tyler accepted his coveted position with Ballen Brands as the Business Development Manager. When not working, Tyler can be found reading, hiking, and eating. Outside of family, he loves smooth scotch, good baseball, and a perfectly executed B.L.T. sandwich.

catherine-chadwickCatherine Chadwick

Content and Client Relations Manager

Catherine has been what she playfully calls “wording” for the majority of her life. In her passion for writing and creating, she has carved a valued niche in which she works with clients to create content for real estate related WordPress websites. Catherine has a quirky passion for organizers and planners, and surrounds herself with an enchanting collection of gnomes.

wendi-lynnWendi Lynn

Ballen Method Creative | Content Writer

Wendi is a free-spirited word-weaver with an eccentric fiery flare. Her ability to convert complex subjects or technical jargon into easy-to-process content imbued with passion make her an asset to Ballen Brands through content creation. When not working, Wendi can be found on walking trails, training her border collie Mandi Melody, or conjuring characters like faeries and dragons.

faith-anneFaith Anne

Virtual Assistant | Database Coordinator

Faith comes to Ballen Brands as a virtual assistant with a history in corporate life in Business Processing Outsourcing, which paged the way for her to adapt to a graveyard shift working virtually and productively halfway across the globe. Faith identifies herself as certified nocturnal with a body clock resembling that of a bat or an owl. When not working, there are few things in the world she enjoys like driving her car and traveling alone. She finds driving therapeutic and traveling alone rewarding. With coffee, music, and a sense of exploration, she enjoys time in her car, destination unknown.

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