"Lori Ballen is by far an excellent person, honest and kind. She is a master of her field. She knows marketing, public speaking, mentoring, coaching and teaching like no other. Her product, "The Ballen Method," is wonderful, very self-explanatory, and easy to use. My own production has doubled since I used The Ballen Method! I love the Ballen Team!"

10926192_10204990396027345_6136484430713080555_n-2Hugo Sanchez - San Diego, CA




"I truly enjoyed Sabrina's class today, she's a master at Gif's. I learned a lot of good information today, thank you!"

10261993_10202996419544578_4072316839791927988_nFrancesca Puccio - Thousand Oaks, CA




"I learned one idea from you in FT. Lauderdale and it closed me 1.1m in volume and started ranking my website. Thanks."

12400933_10208469397563564_889773406193922492_n-2Scott Ferguson - Palm Beach Gardens, FL




"I have to say, when I first heard about this class, I wasn't going to go. . . I thought I had it all figured out. I am sooo thankful I signed up, because just on day 1, I have learned so much!!!! I really like Lori's style and how she taught me it's okay to customize your business to what fits you. It's also okay to tweak the systems in a way that fits your business style all while showing us ways to completely blow it out of the water! I'm just truly so inspired! Rock on Lori!!!!"

12036628_1054361707937757_1628158645336013810_nAshlee Prudhel - Lodi, CA




"Lori Ballen is an amazing marketing mind and mentor. I have learned more from her in a few short hours than I have learned from other "tech gurus" in weeks. They are all great, but Lori gets right down to the core of what it takes to get it done quickly. Apply what Lori teaches you immediately and get ready for the return. The entire Ballen Team is fantastic!"

332916_355761221117757_1258906495_oBrett Bishop - Port Charlotte, FL





"Great info and insight. Lori and her team and always looking to improve and automate."

10438351_10152520100237970_1359484826983579748_nMarc Cormier - Potomac, MD





"Giving, caring, and sharing - that's what I think when I think of the Ballen Group! Great webinars with real nitty-gritty information that really is real-life, hands-on information and not pie-in-the-sky stuff."

1915403_170216636085_3815383_nAnn Cummings - Portsmouth, NH





"I have had the pleasure to learn with Lori, Sabrina, Catherine and Jeff. I can say that they really do follow the motto of come from contribution. Lori's love of teaching shows and Sabrina is patient and wonderful to work with. Catherine has come to my rescue when I couldn't figure out my blog page and Jeff helped me with my website issues. They have expanded my knowledge and empowered me to take my business to the next level."

12494840_10207443480196820_2425784916465302113_nSandy Williams - Sarasota, FL




"Tons of great information from the weekly calls and from the Ballen Brand site. Keep up the greatness :-)"

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 3.37.23 PMKevin Cooper - Manchester, NH




"Lori has been at the cutting edge of everything technology since craigslist! She continues to lead the way with FB, Wordpress and beyond! I'm a raving fan!"

10553954_10205407531461215_4233004697976482115_oLindwood Parker - Anchorage, AK




"I really appreciate the great ideas, tips, and videos Lori Ballen and her team share so well. Great help for REALTORS for sure, and I would think a lot of the info could help other businesses as well."

10425106_10205652511741184_7583801944356025808_nKaye Swain - Roseville, CA




"Lori & her team are really incredible. The amount of information that she "gives" away is astounding. Webinars, blog posts, tools, resources...I have learned so much and strive every day to implement more and more of the information. A jewel of the real estate industry! A+"

11704908_10203194870071973_7640663688295001170_nJenna Dixon - Powder Springs, GA




"Lori is a true genius in online marketing. She over delivers in all her training and the ballen method is a must have. This week's training is nothing short of amazing. I can't wait to start implementing for my team. I love you and I appreciate all your hard work Lori and team."

1596791_10152615962173508_164277696_oThamar Manuel - Miami, FL




"I feel as if Lori Ballen, Sabrina Ballen, and the rest of the Ballen Group are on my team! They genuinely want me to succeed with my business and they are always there to answer questions. Granted it is a lot of work to figure out and master, that said, where I feel I have gotten the most benefit for my money in building a successful future for my company is my investment in the Ballen Training. Thank you!"

614382_10150965373101573_564563772_oFinneus Egan - Los Angeles, CA





"Just completed an intense week of 5 hour-long training sessions with Lori Ballen - it was great. Lori is a candid presenter carefully showing and describing each step in the processes she teaches for Internet marketing. She starts and stops each session as scheduled and answers questions real time. When the session is complete, you know just what to do. Thank you Lori for the great training. I look forward to more."

1915316_1239011516115970_4366489899077469435_nNancy Van Pelt - Kirkland, WA




"Thank you for the fantastic coaching call this morning! I loved learning about tracking our websites to see what we are ranking for, where people are coming from and how to find opportunity using the keyword tool! Every Monday I gain so much knowledge and understand SEO more and more. You ROCK!! We are seeing more and more visitors on our site and lots of people registering on our website. If you are not coaching with Lori you need to sign up!!"

34764_1517600947016_5836990_nTracie Diemert - Marysville, WA





"I got the opportunity to go to Lori Ballen’s hands on training this past week and I cannot even begin to say just how much value and knowledge I got from this 3 day training!

The first two days were all about internet marketing and the third was on team building. I haven’t ever been to a class with such a down to earth, honest and real teacher! I have been doing the Monday morning coaching calls for months now and reading all of the Ballen Academy material but nothing compares to this hands on training! I learned everything from what website platforms will give us the best foundation for internet marketing SEO, I learned how to write blogs that are longer in content and add value while capturing leads by adding different offers such as buttons and links with registration forms. I learned how to get the blog to go viral by sharing it EVERYWHERE on social media and other blog sites. I also learned how your blog/page can have all the value in the world but if the user doesn’t click on something or go to another page Google Analytics tracks it as a bounce rate! That was an eye opener for me. I could go on and on about how much I learned!

In the team building class we learned everything a growing team needs to know! Starting with how personality makes a huge impact on different job positions and how using the DISC and AVA can save you from making a wrong hire. I learned how Lori’s team runs and what her admins and agents do on a daily basis. We even went over MREA models and how to track our budget which was never something my team has done – now we are implementing new models and systems! I am also implementing systems on tracking EVERYTHING now from where leads came from, who they are given to on the team, our conversion rates, our budget and where our money is going, etc!

Besides everything I learned I loved getting to know Lori and her team better! They all truly have a passion for helping others and you can feel the positive energy the minute you step in their office. I loved their bells that they ring every time something good happens! We had amazing lunches, happy hour and I even got to get ice cream with Sabrina her marketing specialist. I loved every minute of the three day training! I loved getting to know the other agents and admins that were at this training as well, we all learned from each other! I highly suggest everyone attends this training, there is nothing comparable to getting actual hands on training from Lori Ballen and her team!

Thank you so much Lori!"

11895179_10207749719086131_4983055633874820099_oMeagan Diemert - Marysville, WA




"Wow! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend the Ballen Method! Lori and her team are beyond amazing. If you ever have the opportunity to attend her class I highly recommend. The Ballen Method will change your business! Thanks for coming to Stockton."

12369160_10153740432878682_7721426727194336094_nAutumn Clarkson - Tracy, CA




"If Lori Ballen is ever teaching the Ballen Method Live near you DON'T miss out on the opportunity to attend one of her trainings. I just spent the last 2 days with Lori in Connecticut and can't put into words how her presentation of the material she teaches along with the value and knowledge she gives from her heart can empower you to take your business to another level. Meeting her in person and feeling her energy, excitement and passion for what she does is an experience I will never forget."

10155881_10204041963394574_4698724388657542388_nDonna Bigda - New Haven, CT